My left breast is hard and very sensitive and sore what could be causing this?

I had my breast augmentation a little over a year ago. I just went on vacation and was in a truck for 20 hours there and back. On the way there I noticed that after stretching my back my left breast was harder and more sensitive then my right breast. After Icing thinking I maybe pulled a muscle, the pain and hardness had not gotten any better.My left breast has always been a little harder than my right. In fact my surgeon had to squeeze it and pop the muscle a few months ago due to the hardness.

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Hard breast

Thanks for your thorough description. It appears you may have a capsular contracture, which is a thick scar, that has developed around the implant. The only real solution is to remove the capsule, revise the pocket with internal sutures to prevent implant migration and exchange implants for a new one. I would return to your PS to evaluate. All the best. 

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Firm breast after augmentation

Thank you for your question. What you are describing sounds like capsular contracture. Your body formed a membrane of scar tissue around you implants after surgery, which is a normal physiologic response to the implant. On your left side, this capsule may be thicker and tighter around your implant and this is likely causing your symptoms. I would encourage you to see your plastic surgeon and discuss treatment options. Best of luck.

Tamir Mosharrafa, MD
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