Juvederm and discomfort. Any suggestions?

I posted a question a few days back about strange sensations with juvederm . Tingling, pressure, burning in nasal labaloids area and lips. My dermatologist suggested it could be irritated nerves that may take time as he could see no sign of infection and also mentioned it could be irritated from pressure of Juvederm . If It was due to vascular compromise how long would that take to present itself. Going on three weeks now and wondering if removing some product would bring relief?

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Juvederm discomfort for weeks

This is not vascular compromise. That presents within 24 hours and is poor blood flow to the skin. Consider removal of product with hyaluronidase. 

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Juvederm and discomfort. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your query. Just wait for a little while, if you notice any change in the color then immediately go to the doctor as it might be compromising the vessels. Hope it helps.

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Juvederm and discomfort. Any suggestions?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues.  If your JVD had accidentally been injected into a blood vessel it would have resulted in a change of skin appearance within a day of treatment and by three weeks may have resulted in skin blister or skin loss.  If your symptoms are not improving it would be best to have your filler dissolved to try and expedite the recovery process. Hope this helps. 

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Juvederm and discomfort

Although photos would be nice and helpful, it does not sound like a vascular issue.  That would have likely occurred within a few hours to days after the initial treatment.  It is possible that you have too much and it is irritating the surrounding soft tissue.  If this persists have the doctor take a look and decide if Hylenase is an option for you.  Good luck. Hope this helps.

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