Do my implants look normal for being 6 months post-op? How can I fade stretch marks faster? I am still doing massages (Photo)

I got a breast augmentation 6 months ago 400cc moderate+ My right implant looks like it is indented & my nipples are not even close to being centered. I already knew prior to surgery it could take a while for my breasts to look "normal" but it's been a while now & I'm beginning to think my augmentation has been botched! I followed all of my surgeons post-op care instructions. What helps fade the stretch marks from the breast augmentation and are my boobs normal looking for 6 months post-op?

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Implant concerns

Thank you for your question.  Without knowing your preoperative appearance, it is not possible to state whether this is an expected postoperative result.  For example if your nipples were quite low on the breasts before surgery, they might remain lower on the breasts afterward.  If you are concerned about your result it is best to have a discussion with your surgeon.

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