I have two noticeable knots/ bumps on my thigh after Cellfina, will they self rectify or do I need intervention? (photos)

I have two uncomfortable knots on my thigh after having Cellfina 8 days ago. They are the size of a tablespoon and can be easily seen on my legs. I saw the nurse for a follow up and she suggested aspiration due to the discomfort. I am concerned at the risk of infection and further pain / issues with aspiration, but am very disappointed in the appearance of these bumps. Will they go away on their own or should I have some type of intervention now? Is there any chance these bumps could be permanent?

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Lumpiness after Cellfina

Thank you for your question. At only 8 days, you have SO much healing left to do, and it is way too early to judge any result. The lumps you are seeing are not uncommon, but you should have your surgeon take a look to be sure it's not an organized collection of blood (hematoma). I would not be excited about trying to aspirate that; it will be very difficult to get out and would make very little difference. I'd be more inclined to ramp up your massage, try some gentle heat, and stick w/ your compression. I hope it gets better soon for you. Best wishes.

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Knots after Cellfina

I would suggest wearing a compression garment and massage. If these areas are not reduced in one week, return to see the physician who performed the procedure.

Stephanie Beidler Teotia, MD
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Nodules after Cellfina

Areas of palpable firmness or softness are very common in the weeks (sometimes months) following Cellfina treatment.  You are only 8 days out from your treatment, which is still very early in the healing process.  Very small pockets are created from the blade used to cut the fiber bands in Cellfina.  If a small amount of fluid collects in that area, you can feel softness.  If firmness is felt, it is likely a small accumulation of blood in the small pocket.  These typically resolve over time but in very rare cases, these are areas that need to be treated (drained, evacuated, etc.).  This is very unusual and not something we have seen in our practice following Cellfina.  At 8 days, you are so early in the healing process and areas of firmness or softness are normal.  We always recommend a follow up visit 1-2 weeks following Cellfina to check for these pockets. We also recommend a compression garment for 2 weeks after treatment to ensure those pockets are staying compressed. I would recommend an evaluation by your physician to ensure everything is healing appropriately and no intervention is needed, but likely this will resolve during the next few weeks/months.

M. Bradley Calobrace, MD, FACS
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Hard lumps post cellfina

Unfortunately this is a normal effect which happens in response to the fibrous septae bands being cut. You may be feeling some scar tissue build up. Massage is an excellent way to break this up, and over time it will subside. 
Best of luck to you!
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I have two noticeable knots/ bumps on my thigh after Cellfina, will they self rectify or do I need intervention?

There is always a degree of swelling present after any Surgical procedure. The key point, however, is to distinguish simple tissue swelling from hematoma (collections of blood). Hematomas require drainage and all the non=invasive treatments in the world will not help with a fluid collection, of any kind. Cellfina is a surgical procedure and, as such, is best performed by a trained and qualified Surgeon or in such a practice. Physical  examination can usually diagnose a fluid collection but sometimes ultrasound is necessary. I would encourage you to see your doctor to determine if there is a hematoma so that it can be drained promptly. Good luck.

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Bumps on thigh after Cellfina

You are early on in your recovery and some areas of lumpiness are to be expected. They are typically a collection of blood from the procedure and absorb on their own. Have your surgeon look at them to see if he or she thinks they should be aspirated to speed you recovery.

Paul M. Parker, MD, FACS
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Cellfina post treatment swelling and bruising

this is normal and why we have our patients do z wave/shock therapy and venus legacy starting a day after treatment.  I suggest you see an expert and start your post treatment regimen.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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