I want to get braces, but want to know if i will need any teeth pulled out? I have removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth? (photo)

Only have 14 teeth on top and 14 on bottom Wisdom Teeth out

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Are Extractions Needed Before Braces?

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I have successfully treated orthodontic patients for over twenty years and I have never had to recommend extracting teeth before braces. You should definitely NOT extract any teeth before braces. You have a bilateral crossbite which clearly shows that your upper dental arch (and probably lower arch too) is dramatically underdeveloped. The reason your teeth are so crooked is because your dental arches are too narrow. 
You first need to develop your upper dental arch and then you will have sufficient room to straighten your teeth. 

Good luck!

Extractions before braces

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Hi, thanks for the picture. If you will need a teeth extractions can only be determinate by x-rays and a physical evaluation by specialists. Probaly you will get your wisdom teeth extracted to have more space in your mouth. 

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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