Halo laser lower face recovery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had the halo treatment 6 days ago. I'm still peeling in spots, have some dry patches, a few breakouts on my chin, and my face is still pretty red. I feel like I see a lot more erythema than I had before. Is this normal? Would this treatment pull all red to the surface and will it go away eventually? About how long will it take to fade and finish peeling? I've been moisturizing regularly as instructed with Avene products, and talked to the clinic, but just want a second opinion. Thanks!

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Treatment level, post op care after HALO?

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I do think you need to talk to your specialist after this one! Are you on antibiotics? Pain? Itch? Hx of cold sores? What are you putting on?

A swab ideally needs to be done, and you should be on a specific post laser treatment plan - cleanser moisturiser - healing balm regime. 

All the best Dr Davin Lim


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Is the skin itchy at all?  We usually pre-treat everyone with Acyclovir to prevent any cold sores that may come up since we are injurying the skin. The best thing is to follow up with your doctor on what your next step is.

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