7 month post op, my belly button is ugly and have thick scar. How can this be fixed? I'm at the end of my rope in tears. (photo)

I saved up for almost 4 yrs to afford my tummy tuck (6500$). Current PS says to fix my right side I would need lipo on my whole lower back&dog ear removal (rght side) cost 2900 (says this is a discount) Can I exercise to fix this? (I currently jog 1 hr each day&monitor what I eat) I look at my lft & right side & it seems he did more lipo on one side than the other. He also told me this is because I've gained 8lbs. I wanted scar lowered/revision & bb too. He said no this is as good as it gets?

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Thank you for the photos and your questions.  There are procedures that can be done to improve you present result but they would require further surgery and cost.  I would work with my present surgeon as he appears to have done your procedure for a very reasonable price and obviusly wants you to be happy.

Dr. Corbin

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7 month post op, my belly button is ugly and have thick scar. How can this be fixed? I'm at the end of my rope in tears. (photo)

It is difficult to give you a correct fair answer without having your before and after pictures. You do have hypertrophic umblical scar that can occur to the best of hands and this is revisable under local anesthesia.
You also have "dog ears" on the sides of your abdominal scar and these may/may not be revisable under local anesthesia. You may not even need liposuction.
However, these are common complications that can occur after tummy tuck surgery .
Best is to be able to work with your surgeon on this. You are still in the global period. It may not also hurt to get a second opinion.

Maan Kattash, MD, FRCS, FACS
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7 month post op, my belly button is ugly and have thick scar. How can this be fixed? I'm at the end of my rope in tears.

Hello!  Thank you for your question!   I am sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your tummy tuck result.   Your photographs do demonstrate some widening of your abdominal scar as well as hypertrophy of your umbilical scar.  There is some excess of both skin and soft tissue of the bilateral hips/flanks.  Without having seen your preoperative appearance nor an examination, given your photos, overall, you have a nice result. But if you are willing, there are some things that can be done to ameliorate your complaints and hopefully meet your goals and desires. 

Nothing short of surgical revision will likely help you - exercise won't improve the areas. However, exercising in order for continued weight loss will assist you in obtaining optimal results as contouring will allow removal of the laxity and achieve the best result.  Adding liposuction to the posterior crests and flanks will contour this area more. This will significantly improve your lateral hips to excise these dog ears, but even excise additional tissue from your flanks to define this area.  Your incision will be longer, however, I wouldn't sacrifice the additional length for obtaining an aesthetically-pleasing abdomen. Your incision can be lowered if you do have some laxity above your pubis.  Tightening your abdominal wall to reduce some laxity may be entertained.  Lastly, cutting and re-insetting your belly button may improve the appearance. 

Discuss sd your concerns with your plastic surgeon and see what options more can be offered.  Seeing other in-person consultations with board certified plastic surgeons may also be considered for opinions and recommendations. Hope that this helps!  Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Thick scar after Tummy Tuck

I would disagree that there is nothing that can be done, but there will be costs associated with any additional surgery.  It is hard to tell from the photos, but it looks to me like you still have quite a bit of extra skin to the sides, and perhaps you would get the most surgical improvement from continuing the abdominoplasty to the sides, and even circumferentially.  Liposuction will not help extra skin, and the areas you are pinching do not look like they have a lot of fat.

I certainly don't think that exercise or diet will completely fix this, but I think they would help, especially if you can lower your body fat percentage somewhat, and especially if you can do that before any additional surgery.  With a thinner fat layer, it will be easier to secure your belly button down to the fascia and improve the scarring there as well.

If you are jogging 1 hour each day and monitoring what you eat, you might benefit from speaking with a nutritionist to help you hone your plan and get the most out of the work you are doing.  That certainly should be enough exercise for you to be able to lose weight, which I do think would help, and which would definitely make it easier to have the best outcome from any additional surgery.

James Nachbar, MD
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Not happy with belly button....

Without looking at your “before” pictures it is difficult to give a definitive opinion. However, I agree that your result is suboptimal. You have small dog-ears at the ends of the lower abdominal incision on both sides. These can be remedied by additional surgery. Changing the shape and size the umbilicus after abdominoplasty can be very difficult, but it may be possible to improve the appearance the area. As far as the additional cost, different plastic surgeons have different “policies”. That is why it is important to ascertain BEFORE undertaking surgery what the doctor’s policy is regarding revisions. Best of luck.

Neal Handel, MD
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