Facelift or Fillers? (photos)

I am 43. I want to know if I can hold off on a facelift by getting fillers or if I should go ahead with a facelift to correct sagging.

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Facelift or fillers

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Based not only upon your photos but also your age, I would definitely recommend fillers over a facelift.   Facelifts are great but are generally best for older individuals who have considerably more sagging skin than you.  The other part about facelifts is they are permanent.  Injection of hyaluronic acid fillers, on the other hand, can be reversed with a little hyaluronidase if you're not happy with your results.  When in doubt, have a couple of consults before you make any decisions.  Best of luck!


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I feel you can easily get great results with fillers placed in the right areas. Check out Y lift, which is a specific way of placing filler to give support to the areas which are key in lifting cheeks and strengthening the chin and jawline. 

Lee P. Laris, DO
Phoenix Dermatologist
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Liquid facelift

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Thank you for the pictures.  I can get a small sense of your cheeks and mid face, so I can give you a decent answer.  Ideally I would love to be able to see a picture of your face up to your brows as well as motion and expression to identify where there is volumetric atrophy and deficiency.  There are a variety of ways that you can do fillers to improve your overall appearance and give you a refreshed look. Different techniques, from 8-10 point liquid facelifts through sculptra lifts can be done that will bring back that youthful, heart shape to your face.  The key is, obviously, not over doing it. I suggest you go have a consultation with an experienced injector who can give you an honest assessment of what can and can't be done for you.  I find that hyaluronic acid based liquid facelifts usually last between a year and a year and a half, while doing sculptra can last a longer with the caveat of it taking longer to show results.  I will sometimes do a combination depending on the situation.  Anyways, I hope some of this helps. Best of luck.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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