Who drains Implants in Arizona?

I want my implants drained. I plan on getting them explanted after the holidays but want them drained asap.

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Drain Implants

I drain implants all the time if they are saline. Sometimes it is a good idea to do that prior to replacing them especially if you are going for smaller implants. That will allow time for the skin to contract down. Every patient is different so I would have to see you to discuss if that is the best thing for you. It is a quick painless procedure. All that is required is to numb one small are of skin. A bandaid is all that is needed for a dressing. It would be my pleasure to help you if you would like to come see me. 



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Who drains Implants in Arizona?

Generally speaking, in office deflation of saline breast implants is an option for some patients. For example, if a patient wishes to downsize breast implants and/or undergo breast lifting surgery, it may be in her best interests to have an in office deflation performed; doing so has the advantage of allowing the skin to “bounce back” slowly. Both the patient and her plastic surgeon will be able to determine more accurately, what will be in her best interests with subsequent surgery. Planning of additional surgery, such as breast lifting, may also be and easier and more accurate proceeding in this fashion. 

 In office deflation may also be a good idea for patients trying to decide whether to undergo breast implant removal altogether or downsizing of breast implants; this will give them a good idea of what their breasts will look like without implants.  

Obviously, in office deflation does commit patients to additional surgery (at the very least, breast implant shell removal). Sometimes as breast implants deflate, patients report discomfort as a breast implant edges irritate the surrounding tissues.

I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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Draining implants

You can either contact the surgeon who put them in or research board certified plastic surgeons in your area.  Sometimes the implants can be drained in the surgeon's office.  Please note that only saline implants can be drained.  If the implants are silicone they must be removed via surgery.

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Saline implant draining in the office

Thank you for asking.  Celine breast implant draining in the office is an easy and common procedure to do. It is quick and only needs a small paper dressing. It's a good way to assess your needs after skin and breast have equalized to its baseline. There is virtually no down time afterwards. Explanation is requested afterwards and I usually recommend at least several weeks between draining and explanation. Any board certified plastic surgeon who performs breast cosmetic procedures can help you. Hope this helps! Best wishes!

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Draining breast implants?

Hi Nicole. I have drained saline breast implants routinely in the office and under local anesthesia. It is a great technique for both breast implant exchange and/or previous breast implant removal. It allows the skin to tighten and for patients to see if they will ultimately be happy without the volume the breast implants deliver. Please check out our link below to see if we're the right office for you. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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Drain implants

Most plastic surgeon should be able to drain your implants if you simply want the saline removed. I would suggest finding a surgeon in your area and making an appointment.

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