Will I need dental bonding and/or filling of my central incisors, and if so, how much does it generally cost? (photo)

Oh, the dangers of fully-automatic airsoft guns! The left central incisor (see image attachment) is quite considerably cracked, while the right central incisor of the lower jaw is slightly chipped - a corner chunk is cracked diagonally (see image example). Will I likely need dental bonding, filling, or both for the central incisors? And although fees vary by dentist, what is a general cost - all fees included - for bonding and/or filling? Thank you.

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Airsoft gun wreaked havoc on your smile

It looks to me like you will need at least one crown.  Fees on your treatment are highly variable based on skills of the dentist, material chosen, and treatment plan.  I suggest you choose a dentist to evaluate your smile in person and go from there.  Good luck!

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