What cosmetic procedure should I seek first?

I am 32 yrs old, 5"2 1/2 at 220lbs. I am very interested in a BBL as I have never had any definition in shape within my butt region, even when I was 130lbs at 18. I also need a breast lift, in addition to that, I really need a tummy tuck and vaginal rejuvenation from having rough sex since a teenager, and having a child. I really want to get one of these procedures done soon. What do you surgeons recommend I do first the vaginal rejuvenation? While I attempt to lose more weight?
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Sequence of cosmetic procedures.

Regarding the sequence of procedures, it really depends on how important the procedures are to you and understanding the recovery for each.  One option is to do the liposuction-BBL first.  That way you will have the most fat available for the buttock enhancement.  After that, a breast/tummy tuck procedure is an option, and the vaginal can be done last.  But if the vaginal part is most important, you could do that first.  I would still do the BBL before the tummy tuck in most cases.  Some surgeons would combine the breast/abdomen/vaginal but I think that combination increases the risk for complications so I prefer staging them as described above.  Also, you are close to a 40 BMI and in Florida we want you under BMI 40 for surgery in the office setting.   

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