Which butt implants feel the softest after the swelling goes away? I don't want a booty that feels like a hard plastic ball.

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Softest buttock implants?

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In short, silicone gel buttock implants are not FDA approved and thus not legal for buttock implantation in the USA. I actually see about one patient a month that had gel implants done in another country and, although they looked a felt great at first, they are now seeking revision because the implants are either visible on top of the muscle and/or deformed by scar contracture or a ruptured implant. The soft semi-solid silicone rubber implants used in the USA are much less likely to have these problems if placed correctly under the gluteus muscle AND are considered permanent implants because they cannot rupture and leak silicone gel. I personally prefer Spectrum Design implants. Similar to breast implants, as long as the appropriate implant size/shape is selected and the implant is placed in the correct anatomic plane, the end result should  look and feel natural - like a fit athletic buttock in this case. Glad to help

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Buttocks implants

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Buttocks implants are all made of a solid silicone block; currently there are three companies and all of them feel the same; the secret is to place it into the muscle so that there is a muscle cushioning your from feeling the implant itself.

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