Can I apply peroxide in my nose after a rhinoplasty surgery? I'm 3 months post-op and its infected (Photo)

It has been 3 months since i had a rinoplasty. About 3 weeks ago the inside of my nose started to get itchy. I thought this was normal but today my daughter took a picture of the inside of my nose and the inside of my nose is more red than normal and there was a couple of small yellow lesions on the inside.

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Post-op Rhinoplasty: Redness inside the nose

Dear Rocio,
It is quite difficult to tell from the picture.  However, the redness and irritation may be due to any of the following reasons:
1. Irritation/reaction from the sutures; 
2. Infection (Although possible this is extremely rare);
3. HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus)

Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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I would say, on my experience, sometimes it happens. I dont think its surgery s infection at this level. contact your PS and tell him whats going on , or visit him for a personal evaluation.


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