I Have an Open Bite but I Am Afraid of Surgery. What Would Be a Good Approach for Me? (photo)

I am a 27 year old female. My front teeth don't touch at all. I am afraid of surgery and have managed to eat fine but I want to know if an open bite will cause problems in the future and if there is a way of correcting it without surgery. I don't currently have dental insurance but I have had my teeth cleaned approximately every 6-9 months. I live in Arizona and would be happy to buy dental insurance if this problem could be fixed but have no clue about such things. Thank you in advance!

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Open bite

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not all open bites require surgery.  Invisalign works well for certain types of open bites and yours sort of looks like a good case....only way to find out is to see an orthodontist very experienced in braces and Invisalign

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