Over 4 months after RTC my three upper molars still hurt. Please help me read this X-Ray. (photos)

I can't take any more pills.I have had several fillings. No pain. But the two upper molars (CROWNED) and the third (Not Crowned) on the right hurt the most. They've been RTC and they hurt all the time/ throb when I lean down to pick up something and are extremely sensitive to cold/hot. I have had an XRAY as you can see but the doctor said it's all fine, that it is a matter of time but it's been 4 months. I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE. Please dear dentists read the XRAY AND TELL ME WHAT IS STILL WRONG?

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CBCT is better than x-rays

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We usually can't see enough from just x-rays, so a 3D image (from CBCT) can help.  It is possible there is a missed canal (untreated RCT), a fractured root, or infection into the sinus that won't show from a regular x-ray.  Find an office with CBCT and go from there.

Pain to position and cold

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you have probably sinus and Rootcanal needs .   I would suggest a ct conebeam and proper evaluation by an Endodontist.     

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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