Post Rhinoplasty: Philtrum Bridges Gone and Slight Bump Under Nose

I had a rhinoplasty last sept .. and the right side of my nose look swollen also just below my nose there is still swelling and when i smile it protrudes out making me look like a monkey :-( . My philtrum bridges have disappeared and i can still feel the stitches inside my lips which i think are causing the swelling. The doctor says it will go away but when .. it's 10 months already Now to correct that should I get a lip implant so that the gap is reduced.

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Rhinoplasty on lip?

It is unclear what procedure you had that affected the philtral columns of your lip.  Usually this area is not affected by rhinoplasty.  Could you provide clearer photos, including AP, lateral, and basal views?  Thanks.

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Lip Deformity after Rhinoplasty

Likely what is occurring is that a graft was placed into the base of the nose to change the angle between the nose and the lip.  This graft is now out of place and is causing the deformity.  If this is the case, a simple procedure should correct the problem.  You should go back to your original surgeon first as they will know exactly what was done.

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Post rhinoplasty question

Hi there, It's hard to see the problem you describe from the picture you post. If it's possible for you to post some closeups showing you still and smiling which demonstrate the problem as well as some preop shots then we may be able to offer you some sound advice. Good luck.

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