I Have No Philtral Tubercle - Is There a Procedure to Give Me One?

I had my lips injected with restylane..not by a random girl, but at the number one recommended clinic in lake oswego, oregon. It came out horrible the first time, I ended up going to the same girl to fix it, since she teaches the other people there how to do it.

It looks much better, although I've never had a philtral tubercle and I wish I had one. Most people do have one so now that my lips are more full I notice it more. Is there a surgery I can get to give me one?

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Philtral tubercle and lip injections

Unless you were born with a cleft lip, you have a philtral tubercle even though it may not be prominent. The same injectables used in the lips can also be used to enhance your philtral tubercle.

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