How to Get Rid of my Full Arm Keloids from a Medical Malpractice? (photo)

HiI was hit by a jeepney in our province in the Philippines when i was 3years old my left arm was really damaged. I've undergo an Operation called skin grafting as per my mama told me and the result was not really what my parents expected I can't even stretch my arm now. And now Iam 25, I've experienced being bullied because of my left arm. I really wanted to get rid of this. It hurts when people look at me and their faces were saying "yuck!". Tnx for the creator of this forum. God Bless!

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Improving burn scars

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Laser skin resurfacing, IIT, and scar release for burn scar contracture can improve this scar and improve mobility of the arms.


Burn scars can be improved.

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Scar contracture

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In the photo it appears that you have a scar contracture limiting your arm motion.  As this has been long standing there may also be contracture of the underlying tissues.  This may improve with a procedure to loosen the contracture followed by physical therapy.  However, as the scar and contracture has been present for years there may only be a limited improvement or no improvement.

It is probably best to see a plastic surgeon at a local facility or at one of the medical schools for a complete evaluation and treatment recommendations.

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