Vagina too tight 4 months after Vaginoplasty. Any suggestions?

I had tighening of Vagina last May 2016. Attempted intercourse after 8 weeks with the go signal from my OB Gyn who performed the surgery, with no success. Tried 6 or more times with lube since and checked twice by the same MD. I was made 2 fingers tight which is just about right but still no success to date. Too painful for me even with lube and would only go maybe an inch into it. I am frustrated now.. Can anyone offer a solution besides having another surgery to repair? Thank you.

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Why is my vagina too tight for intercourse after vaginoplasty

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The question is whether the problem is excessive tightening at the opening, which can be solved by dilation with progressively larger dilators, or whether your surgeon got it too tight deeper inside, where the penis goes in a short way and "...hits a wall." Sounds like the latter. You'll need an independent examination by a good, experienced gynecologist or urogynecologist to make the diagnosis and suggest therapy.

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Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

There are various nonsurgical ways to tune a vaginoplasty that is too tight.

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You would likely benefit from a structured program of vaginal dilator therapy. This requires more than buying a set of dilators, but it's a straightforward and reliable process.

Too tight for sex

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You need to be examined by an independent OBGYN who isn't the surgeon who operated on you. This is an easy opinion---Will it get better? If not, relaxing incision will be necessary. No one is perfect, and your original doctor had to decide how tight to make you--maybe it is too tight."2 fingers" is variable, obviously.  Estrogen vaginal cream might provide some softness to the tissue. Good luck.

Post op pain

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You can try vaginal estrogen and dilators that progressively get larger until you can accommodate sex with your partner.  I would try to avoid more surgery.  A Womans Touch in Madison WI USA has a great website with suggestions for vaginal renewal.  The great thing about the vagina is that it can usually accommodate to what we ask it to do - but you need estrogen and patience!  


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the only solution based upon your description is surgery again!!  I recommend seeing another surgeon and get that surgeons opinion   Get a surgeon who can actually examine you!!

Vaginal Dilator

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You could try vaginal dilator to help stretch the skin. If this does not help then surgical correction would be an alternative option. 

Surgical versus non-surgical approach ?

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No doubt, one of the most important aspects of a successful vaginoplasty is the "perfect tightness"  of the vaginal canal and the introitus ( entrance).  Based on your post-surgical experience, it appears that you attempted multiple times over the period of several weeks without any change, but also ONLY used lubricants. It would be helpful to know if there was at least any variation in the diameter and/or in the elasticity of your vaginal walls. An examination by another, experienced surgeon would be beneficial followed by either a non-surgical ( dilators combined with an estrogen cream) or a surgical correction if a conservative therapy is not feasible. Again, a thorough assessment of your post-operative anatomy seems to be the most reasonable next step.

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Yvonne Wolny, MD

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