Uneven nostrils at 3-week post op. How long should I wait?

Hello, I had an alarplasty and tiplasty 3 weeks ago and as seen on the upper left photo the nostrils are alredy uneven. The doctor said because she put more anesthesia on my left nostril making it small than the other. I had scabs all over and wounds took time unlike other patients. My only concern is that my left nostril still appears smaller when the smaller scab was removed. How long should I wait? My doctor said 6-weeks. It's my 3rd week but still skeptical and need more professional advice.

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Uneven nostrils at 3-week post op. How long should I wait?

Definitely wait weeks even months for full healing and swelling and resolution. With noses you must be very patient! Be sure to stay in close touch with your surgeon to be sure there are no signs of infection (pain, blisters, drainage, redness etc). Hope that helps!

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