Uneven nostrils 1 1/2 months post-op open rhinoplasty. (photos)

Please help me i'm getting more and more depressed. My nostrils aren't getting any better and the tip isn't even on both sides, making the nostrils uneven like the skin above the nostrils on the left is more continuous towards the tip unlike the right nostril since the right side looks more pulled upward and it's driving me crazy. I hope I made sense. It's really obvious in pictures and I always feel like crying when I see myself. Please help. Will this get any better?

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Uneven nostrils after surgery

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Yes your nostrils are uneven. The basal view show an asymmetry which is very subtle and within normal limits. However frontal view show a mild degree of nasal rim asymmetry. The right nostril appears to be raised compared to the left. However there is no pre-operative photos shown. Often patients discover asymmetries which were in fact present before surgery and only afterwards does the patient see them. This is frequently the case with nostrils.

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