Is it possible to just trim the alar area and do nothing on the bridge? (photos)

This is my nose. I have no problem with the bridge area. My concern is on how wide my alar is. IT's more wider when I laugh or smile. Is it possible to just trim it without doing anything on the bridge area? I really hope you couLd help me because I know for sure that one day I will have the courage to go to an actual surgeon here in my place and fix my nose, but i want to be able to explain to him what I wanted to happen - Which is to just trim the alar area. Thank you so much.

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Hi Chubbikin, 
Based from your photos, you have significant low profile bridge with wide nasal alars. While alarplasty alone can be done, it will have very little effect on the shape of your nose when you smile. You may want to consider a combination of augmentation rhinoplasty with alarplasty for best result.

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