What's the best treatment for infected chin implants?

I would like to ask how long usually does the antibiotic treatment for a infected chin implant. Is it normal to do a 2 weeks course of antibiotic then change to another antibiotic for another 2 weeks because it did not cure the infection? I have been in antibiotic for almost 4 weeks, change once. But infection & few drops of drain is still dropping from the wound. How long should I consider that it's all over and stop antibiotic and consider implant removal. Pls help me doctors I need opinion.

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After so many weeks, I would remove the implant and let things heal. You could replace it then with another implant or have sliding genioplasty. 

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Best treatment of infected chin implant

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It sounds as the antibiotics are not working and the implant must be removed. 
In 3 - 6 months, another implant can be placed.

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