When should I start fractional laser therapy for my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (photos)

Hi. I had muffler scars from 1st to 2nd degree burn wound last April 2016. I applied Mebo burn ointment. After it healed i applied Contractubex and Mebo scar ointment. There is still the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I am planning for fractional laser therapy. Should i start the treatment now or should i wait for my burn wound to heal for six months? Thank you.

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Fractional laser after burn

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Thank you for your question s7eadd. Fractional laser treatment can work well for PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). There are no studies on when to start treatment after a burn so there is no data on it. What that means is that we do not know when it is best to have a laser treatment. Fractional laser treatments create microscopic wounds in the skin. On the one hand I would not do a treatment on a patient of mine who currently has a wound. On the other hand, some surgeons perform fractional laser treatment immediately after a surgery to reduce scarring. PIH is something that usually goes away on its own, but it takes longer than most people like to wait. Using topical products containing hydroquinone, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, licorice extract, retinoids, hydroxyl acids, and vitamin C help with PIH. Some of these ingredients also stimulate collagen formation so they will help with the recovery of the laser treatment. Please see a doctor for specific advice for you. Good luck!

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