What remedies are available to remove this kind of scar? (Photo)

I have been hearing about DIY TCA peels at home and I think it is effective. But doctors like you say it won't erase scars. The derm clinics do not have postings on procedures needed to erase thia kind of scars. So now, what is really effective out there to remove this kind of scar? I have a lot in my limbs and legs. Hoping to be enlightened by you.

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Flat light scars

Dear KhuerrhyunUnfortunately, 

scars cannot be erased. They can be treated or traded for a different type of scar, but to date, they cannot truly be erased. You have a difficult problem to treat because the scar you have is not that easy to notice. It is easy to make the situation worse by scar excision or steroid injection. Chemicals peels and skin resurfacing (laser, etc) could help but they could also make the situation worse by darkening or lightening the scar. I hope this is enlightening and sorry I cannot provide a more definitive answer!

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