Can someone tell me, is the redness a normal response of the skin when using bleaching cream?

I'm using a bleach cream now for 2 days (I guess) and I actually noticed redness on the part being treated. There's no burning sensation or any uncomfortable feelings.

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Redness from Bleaching Cream

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If you are experiencing redness from the bleaching cream then it means that you are irritated in that area and  should discontinue using it and consult a dermatologist for evaluation.  Best, Dr. Green

Bleaching cream

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You may be having irritation from the bleaching cream.  I would encourage you to visit with your dermatologist who gave you the medicine.  If you are getting inflammation (redness) that has the risk to turn into post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (more brown spots) which is what you are essentially trying to minimize to stay skintastic.  

Sandra M. Johnson, MD
Fort Smith Dermatologist

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