Can nose tip graft be removed without removing Gore-Tex implant on bridge? (Photo)

my nose perfectly healing on the bridge and im loving it. but the tip is putting pressure on the skin over it and the tip gets red. i dont think the cartilage graft is infected as it also looks well. the only problem is the skin seems to break and might be punctured? can the graft be removed? with out removing the bridge implant? i dont want to ho through healing again after goretex is removed. it already looked fine. by the way 3 months post op. help

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Redness 3 months after rhinoplasty

I'm sorry this happening to you, but it might be a problem.

From your description, it seems that you have goretex on the dorsum, and cartilage at the tip?  (If that's not right, what I'm about to say won't make sense and you should email me directly). Redness can mean two things - infection or just inflammation.  At three months, it's a little unlikely to just be inflammation (but it could be).  Infected cartilage will often dissolve and go away.  If it's near the goretex, however, the goretex will get involved in the process and need to come out.  If the cartilage doesn't dissolve and erodes through the tip, it can be removed that way and the problem will go away as long as the goretex isn't nearby.

It's really really best to go back to your surgeon and have him or her examine you.

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