Laser lipo or other alternatives? (Photo)

I really want to make my arms slimmer. I was wondering if I should do laser lipo? Any other alternative for my situation? Thank you

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Laser Lipo for Arms

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Liposuction is a great choice to slim down your arms. Laser lipo works by focusing low-energy waves delivered by a thin laser fiber that’s inserted through small incisions. Once the fat is melted, a small cannula is used to suck out the liquified fat, leaving you with a slimmer figure or arm. Then the laser is used again for skin tightening. There are also non-surgical options such as the Venus Legacy which used focused radio frequency technology to decrease fat and skin tightening. It’s hard to give an answer without an in-person consultation, but if you have excess, loose skin, an arm lift might be a better option for you. It’s important to book a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area before you move forward with any plans!

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