I just had a Gore-Tex rhinoplasty two weeks ago and I am not happy with the result (Photo)

I am emotionally dirturb. Is it safe to remove it as soon as possible. What happen to nose then. Thanks

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I don't like my result

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You are still quite early in the healing process and patience is the best advice. There will be significant changes over the ensuing year and I would recommend holding off judgement until you've completed your healing. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Hang in there!

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Technically safe for immediate removal

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While it is technically safe to immediately remove the Gortex, it may be wise to slow down.  It is best to project and contemplate the effect of implant removal on your overall well being.  Too hasty a reaction may result in another regretful decision.  I recommend you discuss this with your surgeon.  Often it is useful to have an accompanying supportive person (friend or family) who is familiar with your dilemma at the followup meeting with your surgeon.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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