How can uneven eyes be corrected? (Photo)

I got a stye twice on my right eye twelve years ago and I noticed that after it healed, there was unevenness in my eyes. My right eye seems to be smaller than my left eye. My right eye has a scar on the upper eyelid. I searched the net and it says i might have acquired ptosis. Is there any way that I could make my eyes look symmetrical again without having any surgery? And can the stye really cause the unevenness in my eyes?

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Uneven eyelids following "stye" removals.

I would suggest you see an oculoplastic surgeon.  There is no non-surgical way to lift your eyelids from what I have seen in your photos.  Any mass of the upper eyelid (e.g. chalazion, cyst) can stretch the tendon that lifts the eyelid and result in drooping.  Treatment of the stye or oil cyst (chalazion) generally does not result in ptosis, but anything is possible no having seen how severe your situation was 12 years ago.  In one of your photos your left eye actually looks retracted almost like thyroid eyelid disease.  Sometimes patients think they have a droopy eyelid wherein in reality the non-droopy eyelid is the problem side as it is retracted.  I hope this was helpful.

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