I am a 16 year old male. What's the best treatment for under eye circles and wrinkles? (Photo)

I sleep late and wake up late. Sometimes I wake up early because of school. I don't use sunscreen as in my place, its not so hot and I only go out seldom. The soaps I use are mild and recommended by my physician. I also play average 8 hours straight on pc on weekends but in the past 3 months (due to vacation), I've been playing everyday (does this contribute to my problem). Also, when I press my eye i notice that the area around my eyes ( specially the under-eye area puffs)

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Puffy eyes in a young person

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There can be a number of causes of puffiness under the eyes.  Allergies or sinus problems and contribute under eye swelling as can lac of sleep and rubbing your eyes.  Interestingly, we blink less often when using a computer (this is a proven fact) so that could contribute to irritation of the eyes as well.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, under eye puffiness can be a trait that runs in a family (look at your parents' eyes).  I would not recommend a surgical solution for someone your age but rather consider some of the medical conditions. 

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