Hyperpigmentation comes backs every after 2 weeks post picosure! Should I continue treatment?

I tried picosure to treat some PIH after a very horrible breakout and most especialy for this huge &dark atrophic scar in my cheek.1 week post picosure,all PIH was gone & deep scar lightened but this scar darkened again after week(2 weeks post 1st tx). had another session with the derm concentrating on the scar, it lightened and raised post 1 week but the scar darkened again after another week. the darkening is only on the borders of the scar. should i continue treatment?

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Picosure and hyperpigmentation

Picosure focus treatment is an excellent option to treat hyperpigmentation in ethnic skin due to a nice safety profile. However you may need up to 5 treatments to see optimal results.  Other things you should be doing is ensuring you are using sunscreen and avoiding the sun , especially if you are in the Phillipines.  Hyperpigmentation can return especially if it is melasma.  Purpose of the treatment is to lighten the skin but it is up to you to maintain the results wiht retinoic acid, hydroquinone and sun screen.

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