Granuloma from nose fillers? (Photo)

Ive develop granuloma on my nose due to permanent nose fillers. Yea i know it was a bad decision. Underwent two nose surgery to remove it and reconstruct my nose. The final surgery i had advised to do cutera laser to remove the redness. On my 5th laser treatment, it burned and left a hole on my skin. Any advise what else i can do to fix the redness on the nose and remove the hole/scar done by the laser? Thank you! I am in desperate need of advise.

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Laser burn

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How long has the wound on your nose been present? If it is relatively fresh,  allow it to heal with good wound care, antibiotic ointment and when it is dry, scarguard. Ultimately, if there is a depression it can be addressed in various ways. Consult with a good Facial plastic surgeon near you.

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