Goretex and Dental Infection: Is it possible for that Dental Infection to infect your Gore-Tex Implant?

I am not sure if this question make sense but i will ask anyway. say you didn't know you have dental infection probably from previous root canal or even say, you know you have it but chose to do your rhino first before getting it treated then you went and go get rhinoplasty using goretex for your nasal bridge can the infected tooth affect your implant? is it possible for that dental infection to infect your goretex implant? or there is no corellated issues with this?

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Nasal implants and dental infections

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I'm not sure how to answer all the speculative questions in there but what I can tell you is, yes.  Having a remote infection in the body probably in particular a dental infection either ongoing or recent does raise the probability of a nasal implant such as Gortex or a silicone implant getting infected.

So yes it is possible

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