Any suggestions on Chin Operation? (photos)

I wanna know what type of operation can correct my chin, Its quite long and i have been really conscious about it for the longest time. help someone can help me.

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Chin surgery

You have a long face with a derotated mandible. Orthognathic surgery would involve breaking the facial bones and rearranging them. You could have your chin shortened and the extra tissue accommodated by bringing your chin out a bit

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Long Chin Treatment

Dear Grasella,

Thank you for your pictures. In my opinion, you have excess height to your chin (Long Chin).  This can be improved with a vertical reduction genioplasty.  This is performed inside the mouth and therefore no visible scar.  Seek consultation from plastic surgeons in your area. Best wishes.

This is from Girin Plastic Surgery.

You seems you have long chin and protruding tooth on your pictures.
There is two methods which is bimaxillary operation to make your mouths go-in, and another is just face contouring operation.
For comparison of expence and efficient surgery for you is we recommend facial contouring to make your chins reduced.
Also, if there is volumes(for example, fat graft method) on your facial, you will be look younger. The best way to find out which will fit for your face is take CT and have consultation with surgeon.

Seung Ryong Lee, MD
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