I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 yr ago. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 year ago. Still I haven't gone to a dentist yet because i'm too afraid to go to. The situation now is that there is a gum covering the half of the teeth in position with the extracted molar and its now color is gray and it is very painful

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See a dentist ASAP

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This potentially has a life threatening consequence if left alone. The only choice is to see a dentist  or oral surgeon, as it likely needs to be extracted. This first visit needs to be a conscious one, but the treatment visit can be a sedated one.  If you can tolerate not being sedated, your first visit can be a treatment visit.

See your dentist as soon as possible

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You may be developing an infection. I would highly recommend seeing your dentist sooner than later, since cases like this are always easier to manage at the beginning.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist


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I would strongly recommend you see a dentist soon.  It is likely the tooth has become abscessed and needs to be treated.  If the tooth is this badly damaged it will probably be extracted.  Don't wait any longer.  It will only get worse.  Your dentist will take good care of you.  Good luck!

Thomas Roberts, DDS
Seattle Dentist

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