Bruising, then left me with hard tissue on the spot where the bruising was (Photo)

32aa-350ccc drain tube to drain fluids for a week.On my 9 days i saw bruises on my left side...... color is pale, yellow bruising. 1 week of draining fluids left breast got more fluid than on my right breast i think bleeding on my right stop on the 2nd day my concern now after bruising it leave me with hard spot inside where the brusing are b4. Its close to where the outline of the pocket they made.No lump on outisde though. What is this? Would this go away in time? Would massage help?

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Bruising and hard spot

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Hello, it is hard to know if you have residual swelling, a small collection, or other issue that can cause a lump.  I would suggest contacting your plastic surgeon.

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