Why do we need to massage our implants? (Photo)

Hi, just wanna ask why we really need to massage our implant after? What were trying to avoid here? Do i need to massage my incision too? I had cut in my breast fold for the implant to go in. Im 3 weeks post op and when i do breast massage im trying to avoid not to squezz that part i go a lil bit highter. Im worried that it mighht build a scar tissue and in my implant. Should i be worry? 3 weeks post op and still got scab in the incision.

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A few reasons

Massaging your implants accomplishes a few goals.  Theoretically, it can stave off capsular contracture and make more room in the pocket for the implant to enable more natural movement.

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Why Massage Breast Implants?

Breast massage of implants after surgery is recommend by many Plastic Surgeons.  In my practice, I have my patients massage starting two days after surgery several times a day for six weeks., then once a day for as long as they have implants.  The reasoning is, we want the implants to look and move like natural breasts in the pocket.  There is also the thought that if we continually move the implant then the scar tissue that normally forms around a foreign object (implant) may not be able to form as easily.  Again, please follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon.

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