What causes my asymmetrical smile? (Photo)

The left side of my lips appears a bit higher than the right. My teeth is also slightly asymmetrical if looked closely. I have read some causes on this site but I couldn't really identify what causes mine. I had teeth extraction on the right side of my teeth 8 years ago. I also have dimples on both cheeks but they aren't as deep as the other and aren't even. What could be the possible cause for the asymmetry of my smile?

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Caused of asymmetrical smile


There are three factors that contribute to a symmetry of a smile:

1.  Skeletal position: The way the upper jaw and lower jaw is positioned 

2.  Position of the teeth: 

3.  Soft tissue: Lips and lips movement can also impact the smile

From the photo it appears that your lip movement is more limited on your right side than the left side, as a result less teeth show on one side than the other.  A comprehensive clinical evaluation and study models are necessary to accurately asses the options.  My suggestion is to consult a top cosmetic dentist in order to find out the exact cause and possible options.


Dr. Maddahi

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