Arms look disproportionately bigger after bbl

I had my BBL a month ago and the doctor took fat from my upper and lower tummy, upper and lower back (flanks). I'm 127 lbs both pre and post op. After the major swelling from the lipo sites subsided, I and a lot of people noticed my arms getting disproportionately bigger. Now I look top heavy with no hips despite having bbl. should I go for round 2 to have arm and upper back lipo? Is the recovery plus swelling of arm lipo the same as tummy and back lipo or is it going to be easier?

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Arms look Disproportionately Bigger After BBL

Thank you for your question.
It is possible to gain weight in the areas which have not had Liposuction after Liposuction has been performed in other areas. You can certainly have further enhancement of the buttocks. I would advise you to have a detailed discussion with your Plastic Surgeon as to why you have not noticed any change in the size of your buttocks.
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