Chin Reduction or Orthognathic surgery (Chin Reduction)?

I would like to ask if having a Chin Reduction where in your bone is being shaved or cutting the bone is a way better than Orthognathic surgery (Chin Reduction)?. My Dentist said that my case is Overbite Class III. She told me that She can correct the overbite thingy but it will not shorten my prominent chin, I have read reviews here about Orthognathic surgery and most of them says bad things about post op. I need help, I will truly appreciate your feedbacks and suggestions. Thank you so much.

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I believe you should have jaw surgery with proper presurgical alignment of the teeth with orthodontics. 
Do it right first time and be over with it. 

New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Chin reduction

The position of the teeth affects the appearance of the chin and the profile. If the lower front teeth are tilted backwards, the teeth are not able to support the lower lip properly and any surgery on the chin to reduce it won't look natural. "Jaw surgery" is better to obtain a natural balance. If the chin needs recontouring  as well, it can be done, talk to the surgeon about it. 

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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