16 days post BA silicone 400cc. How to resolve hematoma? Is that indicative of active bleeding? (photo)

Operated last sept12 2016... My right breast is fine wound close But im worried of my left breast its swollen and bruised...my surgeon told me to take antibiotic for another 1 week and observe... Pls for your opinion what to do....and aside from that there is blood coming out the incision site... And it can soak the gauze What should i do??  I ask my doctor & told me observe

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Post Op Complications

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A significant size difference, more pain and firmness on one side, more bruising on one side and continued bleeding so long after surgery are all unexpected and you need to be seen in person right away. If you have a hematoma it should be evacuated right away. You may require to have the implant out while you heal completely and then re-implant. 

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Evacutate hematoma

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I am always concerned about the implications of hematoma especially with capsular contracture.  I think it is important to evacuate any symptomatic hematoma.  I would go and discuss this with your surgeon.  It is not necessarily an emergency but needs to be done.

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