I'm Almost Done with my Brace but Still Have Space Between my Teeth?

My Orthodontist needs to pulled 2 teeth in my upper jaw to have space for my teeth in order to be align. But now all is done still have two little spaces on it. I'm worried to have a dentures. What should I do?

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If the space is a big as it looked and on the side like it looked in the picture I don't think you are "almost done".  You need to talk to your orthodontist about how he plans to close the rest of the space.  If he took the teeth out he must have a plan on how to close it.   You need to know what the plan is and how long it is likely to take.

Phoenix Orthodontist

Ask your Doctor first

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It is best to address this with the Doctor that is treating you. You should keep good communication with them and let them know your concerns so they may help you

Vijay Bhagia, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX

Vijay Bhagia, DMD
Houston Orthodontist

Not happy with my orthodontic result

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It is one thing to answer questions for people seeking orthodontic treatment who DO NOT have an orthodontist.

I never understand questions like this from patients already in treatment.  IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION... ASK YOUR DOCTOR!  If you are afraid to ask or he/she will not answer you, then maybe you need to switch doctors!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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