I'm 2 Months and 16 Days Post Op Now, and I'm a Bit Worried Because Some of Grafts Haven't Fallen Out? (photo)

hello my name is oden. im in a 2 month post op now, and i'm a bit worried coz some of grafts ( 60%) hasn't fallen and there are still scabs around or crust like. the thing is everytime i tried to massage the area, the grafts sticks to the crust and they fall 2gether but most of the time the crust falls with a number of my native hair. my question is y didn't my scab go 2 weeks after surgery? and y didn't my grafts fall off, some of it (few) falls with crust in vigorous massaging, wht shud i do?

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Transplanted follicles are strong after surgery, so don't worry about cleaning scabs. A procedure to prevent future hair loss

The first phase of the hair growth cycle is anagen where hairs grow normally and this lasts around 3 to 5 years. The next phase is called catagen which is also called the regressive phase and it takes about 4 weeks. The last phase is telogen which is the shredding phase. This is where the hairs normally fall off. There is also a phase after hair transplantation called shock loss where hairs shut down. Existing hairs around the grafts may also experience this phenomenon. So, within the first few weeks after hair transplantation, you can observe your hairs and grafts living side by side. After a few months, there is a fair amount of shedding and after 3 to 6 months, you begin to observe growth of new hairs.

After hair restoration procedures, patients are afraid of doing anything that might hurt their grafts. The scabs and crusts are basically dead skin cells, mucus and other products of the healing process. They have to be properly scrubbed off and they usually disappear after a couple of weeks. I advise a proper moisturizer and a good shampoo for the hairs to keep them healthy.

In my practice, we had some success with a regenerative technology called extracellular matrix. In the last 3 years of my practice, I have used this material, originally designed for wound healing, to help with the hair cycle with or without hair transplant. This material helps grafts heal and grow faster. The grafts also have shorter shedding phase.

Extracellular matrix is also successful in reversing the hair loss process by activating stem cells called progenitor cells which are diminished in balding males. We also combine this material with platelet-rich plasma to enhance the reversal of hair thinning and to enhance the healing process of the grafts as well as the donor strip area. I hope that was helpful, and thank you for your question.

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Scabs after a hair transplant

Scabs after a hair transplant can last a while.  You can try using baby oil or other oils and rub them into your scalp to free up the scabs.  Also, you can use certain prescription shampoos but ultimately its best to discuss this with your transplant doctor

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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Scabs after 2 1/2 months PO

it is normal that some of the transplanted hair continue to grow and will never fall out after the surgery but in my personal opinion it is not normal for having still scabs. I will suggest you to contact your hair restoration for a PO evaluation. Good luck.

David Perez-Meza, MD FISHRS
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2 months post surgery

If the grafts have not fallen out yet, they will eventually and certainly by the time the new grafts start growing. Just be patients and wait it out. There is nothing to worry about

William Rassman, MD
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Follow doctor's after-care instructions following a hair transplant

Thanks for you questions. Every hair transplant patient is different, so as long as you are following your doctor's after-care instructions, you should have no need to worry about scabs and how much hair falls out. However, if you are concerned, it is best to contact the doctor who did the hair transplant.

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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If your hairs or scabs don't fall out don't worry

If your hairs or scabs don't fall out don't worry, let time do its thing.  If you are concerned go back to your doctor for a recheck.  It should gradually fall out with gentle washing.

Jae Pak, MD
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