Bleeding of Septum After Alarplasty 6 Months Ago?

i have undergone for alarplast last 6 months ago. and if i would travel for too long and exposed to dust and smoke my septum would bleed. i have sinusitis also. my question is what was the reason why the septum bleed? is it the dust or sinusitis? could i apply mupirocin to my septum? actually i started already applying mupirocin to my septum? need help

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Bleeding After Alarplasty

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Typically spontaneous bleeding from the septum is caused by some means of irritation.  Mostly this can be due to excessive dryness in the environment or other forms of irritants.  You should definitely have your septum examined to make sure that there is not an anatomical cause for the repeated episodes of bleeding such as a perforation of the septum (a risk after surgery) or obvious engorged vessels in the nose.  In the meantime, you can try using a room humidifier as nasal lubricant ointments like Ayr gel.

Alarplasty and Septal Bleeding

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    There are so many issues presented here that only an exam by your plastic surgeon will be able to determine if there is an anatomic cause for the bleeding.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Bleeding of septum six months after alarplasty

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Alarplasty alone would be unrelated to septal issues, such as bleeding. I suggest you see an ENT surgeon for both the septal bleeding and sinusitis. Muciprocin may alleviate the dryness and bleeding to some extent.

Bleeding of the septum after alarplasty

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Spontaneous bleeding of the septum is most commonly from trauma to the septal mucosa, ie: digital manipulation. If there is trauma or damage to the integrity to the mucosa (lining of the internal aspect of the nose) of the septum this could lead to bleeding. This could be from surgical manipulation or even from the local anesthesia that is typically monitored just before rhinoplasty surgery is performed. If you truly, only, had an "alarplasty", I am not sure how your septum would be damaged during this procedure. This is surgery to reshape the nostrils.

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