85lbs 145cm Height, Vaser Lipo 1000cc Removed? is It Safe?

hi, i gave birth 3months ago and i had vaser lipo. im 110during pregnancy after 3months giving birth im 85lbs i had vaser lipo yesterday in back and full belly. doc removed 1000cc but im petite and tiny already before lipo. is it safe? my back and front s really sore almost down to my pubic.is 1000cc safe for a 145cm height 85lbs weight? i feel ok and pain when moving but sore back and front.

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Vaser Lipo Safe?

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Thank you for your question. Your surgeon must be very talented to find 1000cc of fat on a frame of 85 lbs. Recovery can take 2-6 weeks before the discomfort subsides. Safety is not a concern at this point. If you are able to be walking every hour, your risk is behind you. Concerns of safety is something to consider before surgery, not after. You are past your big risk period. I hope this helps.

Soreness after liposuction

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Soreness after liposuction is normal, and 1 liter removal is fairly little in terms of the volume I will often remove for patients.

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