What Product to Use for Cheek Augmentation for a Male with Thick Facial Skin?

I am a male and I have been told that I have a thick facial skin. I want to know if cheek volume is a good procedure for males? If so, which product works best for thick skins? Is the art of delivering the injection different for males, specifically colored male with thick facial skin. I am in late 40s.

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Nonsurgical Facial Augmentation With Volumizing Fillers Differs Between Men & Women

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In general, men do have thicker skin than women. However, it is also true that this does not impact in any significant way on either the particular materials chosen or the method of injection. On the other hand, the significant differences in the contours of the male vs. the female faces do alter the location and the amounts of the injected materials. For example, a strong, well defined jawline, both toward the front and particularly toward the angle of jaw (the rear of the jawline) are significant masculinizing characteristics, as are a strong chin, prominent lower forehead, and in general a squarer-shaped face. This, for example, contrasts sharply with creating a more feminine appearance via augmenting and enhancing such characteristics as high, prominent cheekbones (which contributes to the more desired inverted triangle look). 

As to what materials to use for these purposes, in my Upper East Side NY practice, I generally opt for Radiesse, a calcium-based volumizer combined with Perlane L for areas needing more lift, and combined with Juvederm UltraPlus XC (Juvederm Voluma, a much more robust product, will thankfully soon be available in the U.S.). In my Israel practice, where many more regulatory agency approved products have been available for years, I typically combine Radiesse with Juvederm Voluma, Restylane SubQ and Stylage XXL, depending upon the particular area being treated and the contouring requirements. Consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with extensive experience in nonsurgically augmenting the male face is strongly advised.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cheek augmentation in men

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Cheek augmentation in men can be a very satisfying cosmetic procedure.  The thickness of your skin is not key, what is important is the experience of your doctor.  There are also a variety of fillers that are appropriate for this indication.  Seek a physician who is comfortable with all the products.  I prefer Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra and Sculptra.  Voluma will be another viable option in the near future.  

Jacqueline Calkin, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

Cheek augmentation for thick skin

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 The thickness of the skin really doesn't matter since injectables or implants are both placed quite deep in the cheek area. Fillers in this area are not placed in the skin, and are only temporary. A permanent  and predictable solution is to perform cheek augmentation with Silastic  cheek implants placed directly over the bone through an intra-oral  incision. Please see the link below for examples and more information about cheek implants

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What Product to Use for Cheek Augmentation for a Male with Thick Facial Skin?

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In my opinion, the two best options are Radiesse (non-surgical filler augmentation) or cheek implant (requires a 30 minutes trip to the OR). The technique for augmenting cheeks in men and women does not vary. However, the placement of the fillers does vary. There is a big difference in the aesthetic ideal cheek size and shape between men and women. Consult with a plastic surgeon who understands the male aesthetic to ensure that your face is not feminized by the procedure you choose to undergo.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Adding volume to a male cheek.

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The thickness of the skin should make no difference to achieving good volume in your cheeks. I would recommend using a hyaluronic acid filler that is designed for volume replacement (Voluma, PerlaneL, Juvederm Ultra XC, etc.). The technique is important, but it does not vary by sex. Good luck.

Andres Gantous, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek augmentati

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There's a new product just approved that is supposed to give greater projection than current fillers. It is called voluma and should be released soon. Nonetheless males with thick skin are the most difficult to get projection and definition. I'd wait for this. 

Vlambros md

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek Volumization for Males with thick skin

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I would recommend Voluma to lift heavy male cheeks, and yes, injection sites differ between males and females. Ensure that your injector is a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to ensure that the physician has a good grasp of facial structure and anatomy.

Gail Nield, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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