Price for Vaginal Tightening Post-Pregnancy

I have had three children vaginal, naturally I feel as it I have lost my tightness. I would like to know the price for vaginal tightening and what doctors do it. Because I am not having any luck finding a doctor, only thing I find is labiaplasty

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Vaginal Tightening- Non-Surgical Options

    Vaginal tightening is now available through the new application of well established technology for skin tightening using the CO2 laser to the lining of the vagina. This is a painless series of 3 treatments one month apart to help improve tightness of the vagina, lubrication, and in mild to moderate cases, stress urinary incontinence. The 3 CO2 laser systems currently available are the Alma Femilift, Cynosure Mona Lisa, and Syneron Intima. All three systems are safe and effective when used by a trained physician. 

Scott A. Brenman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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Price for Vaginal Tightening Post-Pregnancy

         Plastic surgeons and OB/GYN surgeons are the most likely surgeons to perform this procedure.  Although it may be difficult to find surgeons in your area, this is a fairly common request.  The cost may be $6000 on the low end.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Vaginal tightening cost

Although prices vary from surgeon to surgeon based upon location as well as experience and reputation.  I recommend you seek consultation with a surgeon board certified in either Gynecology or Plastic surgery that has specialization in this procedure.  I typically charge a total all inclusive fee of ~$8500 for vaginal tightening surgery (aka vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation).  Glad to help...RAS

Ryan Stanton, MD
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