Hypertrophic scar on bridge of nose in between the eyes, its been 6 months now? (photo)

i had to get two stitches it was really red now i have this built up collagen will this scar ever fade or completely flatten? Ive been using silicone sheets, gel, etc for 6 mos. i do see improvement month 2 month but nothing major although ever since i been using la mer the concentrate for the past 8 days i've seen better results than previous products any pointers to get this as less noticeable as possible or am i screwed? or do i need to be patience and give it more time to heal, please help

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Laser for scars

Probably your best option is fractional laser such as Fraxel Re:store. This will improve scar texture, color, thickness and overall appearance. Several treatments will be needed for best results - maybe as many as 6-8 -but you can see improvement with fewer treatments.

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