Best course of treatment to get a full D cup? (Photo)

Are full (approx) D cup round breasts an attainable goal for me? What would be the course of treatment? Would I need a lift on the right side? If so, does a lift and type of incision needed interfere with breastfeeding in the future? Just trying to get a few questions answered prior to consults. Was told by a breast specialist I may have "tuberous" breasts. Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it.

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Tuberous breasts can still yield good results with breast lift plus implants!

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Your breasts are asymmetrical, with different anatomic characteristics in each breast, some tuberous in nature (such as constriction and short crease to nipple distance in the left breast, and a different type of constriction and grade 3 ptosis in the right breast).

You will almost certainly need some skin brassiere alterations (breast lift) in each breast, and since the breasts are different, the type or design of breast lift may differ correspondingly. Implant size may also be different, though personal examination and more discussion with you can help determine the answer to that concern.

"Full (approx) D cup round" breasts may be a bit unrealistic, but could also be more attainable than you may think. This requires more discussion between you and your chosen surgeon. Size would be one discussion point, as "D cup" depends on where you buy your bras and which manufacturers make them, not to mention what implant size your anatomy safely allows without dead skin or wound breakdown trying to stuff too-large implants into re-shaped (lifted) breasts! Goal photographs and trying on implants in a bra or stretchy top are good ways to check on what you may consider to be a "good" size.

My biggest discussion point would be your request for "round." This implies that you like the full, round, and what I call "Baywatch coconut" appearance. Nothing wrong with that, but that look is frequently the result of capsular contracture (CC), and though you may like the "look," few women want the croquet ball in your vest pocket hardness that accompanies CC.

What most women prefer are soft, natural, teardrop-shaped breasts when nude and upright, with some flattening and rounding of the breasts as they drop to the sides of the chest while reclining, NOT round, hard, Tupperware bowls that look the same when standing and reclining (pointing straight up)!

"Full and round" is the product of enough volume (size) and a good push-up bra! Please click on the web reference link below for several example of my patients with breasts (Cases 1, 5, and 10) that have  characteristics similar to yours. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Best course of treatment to get a full D cup?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well..
The breasts may lose their elasticity and firmness which can be caused by different factors such as pregnancy, massive weight loss, lactation and aging. To reaffirm the breasts and restore the natural look your surgeon can perform a mastopexy or breast lift. A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This not only can improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively. By removing excess, stretched out skin, reshaping the breast tissue, and raising the nipple & areola into a more forward position, a cosmetic surgeon can create a more youthful breast contour. Stretched, large areolae can also be reduced during breast lift surgery, creating an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast…

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Cup size

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Thank you for your questions and photo.  Predicting cup size is very difficult to before surgery.  It looks like you would need a lift.  There is a chance that the breast lift could cause breastfeeding complications in the future.  Please be sure you see a surgeon that is board certified in plastic surgery.

All the best,

Dr. Results
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Best course of treatment for tuberous breasts with asymmetry

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tubular breasts are effectively corrected wit a circum-areolar  lift
I would recommend sub-fascial implants ,you may also want to consider adjustable breast implants

Hilton Becker, MD
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Tuberous breasts

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You do have tuberous breasts.  My recommendation would be for bilateral periareolar lifts with radial scoring of the gland and then a modest breast implant.  Due to your asymmetry you may require different implant sizes on each breast.  

Breast Lift with Augmentation

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Hi and thank you for your question and picture. You may be a candidate for a breast lift with augmentation. The first step is to find a board-certified plastic surgeon, preferably one who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, who you feel comfortable with and they will decide if you are a good candidate for surgery. Best of luck to you.

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Lift and Augmentation

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You appear to have tuberous breast.  Based on your photo, you would require a lift with implants to achieve a D cup.  Consult with a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Best course of treatment to get full D cup breasts?

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Thank you for your question. You will need a breast lift on the right side and breast implants on both sides Soft tissue expansion may be needed on the left to achieve a D cup. Please find an expert on treatment of the tuberous breast. These procedures are complex and require experience.

Breast Lift with Implants

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See the answer below to give you hope!  Yes, you can get good results.  I haven’t examined you, but yes I would say you have a Tuberous Breast contour, and we see this frequently. So, no need to be disheartened. There are four Types that are seen, and you have a mild tendency in this direction. You can see from the side view that your breast comes almost straight out from your chest wall, and therefore from the front view, the lower rounded area is not filled out. I believe if you want a breast augmentation surgery this would be corrected nicely. The web reference below has some photos of examples. There are many approaches. Here are some general tips which are only my personal opinion, not gospel: Your fold is very tight in the breast crease. Put an index card in your breast fold. If your nipple is at the edge of the card or below, then you would be a candidate for a lift, either a vertical or anchor or areolar. If you nipple is above the edge, you could be a candidate for an internal lift called the dual plane which would avoid incisions around your nipple.  First and foremost the implant should fit the dimensions of your breast and tissue cover. Here are a few tips for you because this is perhaps the hardest decision for a patient to make, as well as the surgeon. Also see the video attached to my answer. Balancing the implant to your over-all body shape and tissue cover is essential. The main thing is to have the diameter of the implant fit the diameter of your breast "foot print". The average size chosen over our last 7,000 breast implants was “350cc”.BUT, 90% of our patients tell us they wish they were bigger a year after BA. (We will see you every year for routine checks at no charge.) It’s like your mind incorporates the "new you" into your own self-image over a period of time. Cup size estimates can be misleading, but I generally advise patients that they will experience an increase of approximately one cup size per 200 cc. You can try on implants in the office by placing them into a special bra.The implant is also flattened somewhat when under the muscle, so it is a good idea to bump it up a bit. Approximately 1-ounce (25cc) is added to the final volume to account for flattening of the implant in the partial sub-muscular pocket. Once you decide on a size you like, then add on 25cc, because in real life the implant will be flattened slightly by your tissues.Multiple measurements need to be taken to fit an implant to your exact anatomy. Have your surgeon's office show you the charts of the implant dimensions for the various profiles of silicone and saline from the manufacturer. Then you and your surgeon can piece together the puzzle by matching your measurements, with your wishes, versus your tissue cover and the available implants to arrive at a surgical plan.Keep in mind larger implants tend to have more problems over the years.Since silicone implants wrinkle less than saline implants, they might be your best bet.
You can also approximate this at home by measuring out an equivalent amount of rice placed into a cutoff foot of old panty-hose, and put this in your bra.Wear this around the house for a while, and see what you think.Implant size must square with assessments of tissue cover, breast diameter, and chest wall width. Multiple measurements of your chest wall are taken (seven in total). Implant size selection has been an issue of much discussion.
Therefore, I use a wide variety of methods, but the implant size is always established preoperatively.Also, patients are advised to bring reference photos demonstrating their ideal size and shape. A photo album of patient pictures is maintained to assist them. These photos ultimately help in determining where the implants will be placed, since they can be shifted inside (to provide more cleavage), to the outside, up or superiorly, and down or inferiorly during surgery. In determining the final size selection, I always place the highest priority on the preoperative measurements and potential tissue cover.Finally, your verbal requests are factored into the analysis.
We use the quick-recovery approach, so click on the web reference link below to have this explained and you can see the list of Quick-Recovery (Flash-Recovery or Rapid-Recovery) Breast Augmentation articles from peer-reviewed surgery journals.It is a surgical procedure that uses special instruments and techniques to minimize tissue damage and avoid touching the ribs. It causes far less trauma to surrounding tissue than traditional approaches, and it dramatically reduces pain and recovery time. In published studies of BA patients, 95-percent of women interviewed after the procedure returned to normal daily activities within 24-hours. Quick-recovery BA is not a “gimmick.”These specialized techniques, which actually speed recovery and get you back to your daily routine, kids and work, are published in our plastic surgery journals.Because these PS journals are “peer-reviewed” and edited, they are the gold-standard in our field as being valid science. Therefore, these are sound techniques, not marketing hype.
Be sure to see only a board certified plastic surgeon (by ABPS - The American Board of Plastic Surgery) who is a member of ASAPS (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and or a member of ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Also, ask if the PS has an established, high volume breast augmentation practice, performing several hundred breast augmentations each year. Be sure the PS has been in practice for a while, about 20-years might be a good gauge.Does the PS offer all three incisions?Discuss the implant type (gel or saline), shaped "gummy bear" or non-shaped, smooth or textured, implant pocket (over or under the muscle) and the "quick-recovery approach."Ask to see their before and after photos if you didn’t see any on their website. If they are experienced, they should have several 100 breast implant patients for you to view. I would also recommend that your doctor offer you the chance to talk to past patients who would be happy to discuss their experience with you. You need to feel comfortable, so make sure the environment is safe as in an accredited surgery center. Also, ask a prospective surgeon if he or she has ever published journal articles in professional peer-reviewed journals, which they can provide you.
All the best, “Dr. Joe”

Tuberous breasts

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Thanks for your question.  Based on your photos, you will likely need both an implant and a lift to achieve the results that you want

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